Become a host family

Becoming a host family

What's a host family?

Host families are formed by caring people who aim to offer students a family atmosphere. It’s often formed by older people whose own children have left home and they miss the chatter of young voices around the house. However, we accept all types of host families as long as they can offer a welcoming and safe  environment. 

You need to have at least one spare room in order to become a host family. At the moment we’re only looking for host families in the Bristol area. 

You will be paid per night or week and we can offer competitive rates. Sometimes you’d be required to offer meals but this is dependent on the agreement we have with the student institution. 

Host families process

Stage one

Get in touch with our team to discuss your circumstances and arrange a home visit. We also recommend sharing your interests and preferences to ensure you’re matched with the right student

Stage two

The home visit is carried out. At this stage all the family members are met by our team and at this stage a more rigorous inspection is made for areas such as Gas Safety Certificates etc.

Stage three

DBS check is carried out

Stage four

Agreements between the hosts and UK International Group are signed.

Pictures of some of our host family homes

And you're ready to be matched with your first student!